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Pre Packaged Boiler Rooms

Pre Packaged Boiler Rooms 1-01

Our Pre Packaged Boiler rooms are designed to provide a tailor made solution delivered to site for immediate use. These take the need for in house boiler rooms into outside spaces, which are easily accessible for maintenance and deliveries.

Pre Packaged Boiler Rooms 2-01
Pre Packaged Boiler Rooms 3-01

Commercial biomass heating is a highly efficient method of producing high temperature heat for hot water or heating.

Wood pellets are carbon-neutral, so in addition to fuel saving costs you will also be reducing your environmental impact with lower C02 emissions.

NRES are true specialists in providing commercial and industrial biomass boilers as not only do we supply, install and maintain biomass systems but we provide parts and service for most makes on the market. This also enables us to give the best and honest advice to you on the ideal system for your application and our team of service engineers are on call to support you after the installation.

The installation and set-up require minimum time onsite, and can often link into existing pipework limiting the disruption and loss of heating and hot water, particularly useful for carehomes, hospitals, schools and other areas of no fail supply.

Key Benefits



district-heating-safetyIncreased Safety

Because District Heating Systems are networked, the boiler and therefor the point of any combustion only takes place in one location. This means you can heat multiple buildings but only one building containing the boiler, making the other buildings safer environments to be in.

This is especially relevant where the building owner or maintenance provider has a legal duty of care to those in the building, for example a school, a hospital or a care home, where moving people away from the source of a fire is extremely difficult.

In addition to this, as the boiler is away from these buildings there are no safety checks relating to the heating system for these buildings so there is a cost saving compares to having a boiler per building.