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Commercial biomass heating is a highly efficient method heating an area and/or hot water. The wood pellets are carbon-neutral so in addition to fuel saving costs you will also be reducing your environmental impact with lower C02 emissions. The main components of a biomass heating system are a boiler, pellet fuel store, buffer tank and a heat distribution system.

NRES are true specialists in providing commercial and industrial biomass boilers as not only do we supply, install and maintain biomass boilers we also design and build boilers and pellet stores. All of which means we know every aspect of the boiler and heating system down to the last nut and bolt! This also enables us to give the best and honest advice to you on the ideal system for your application and our team of service engineers are on call to support you after the installation.

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

Installing a biomass boiler in a commercial space provides many advantages but the main point we are usually asked about first is the cost saving. Typically fuel costs can be reduced between 50% to 80% over like for like solid fuels and combined with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme creates significant savings for those who choose Biomass.

In addition to this, emissions will be reduced by up to 96% so as well as saving money you will be helping the environment which on a large scale heating system such as commercial or industrial heating, this is extremely significant.


Green Credentials

Biomass is already recognised for it’s excellent green credentials over fossil fuels, saving around 96% CO2 compared to gas or oil. In addition to that, we are able to supply and install Europe’s cleanest biomass boilers currently on the market which is not only good for the environment but also good for your pocket as they operate at 96% efficiency – an excellent figure.

Biomass fuel is also what is known as ‘Carbon Neutral’ which means that they absorb the same amount of carbon when they’re growing as they emit when they’re burnt, thus canceling each other out and being carbon neutral.


Money back though RHI

As a commercial installation it is highly likely you will automatically qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive – a Government backed scheme that pays money back to you for using Biomass fuel.

In addition to the RHI scheme there are other Government grants available to assist with the purchase cost and installation costs of the system, for example Care Homes qualify for specific grants – please contact us to see if your commercial application qualifies.

commercial-biomass-bespokeBespoke Design

As we design a build the system to suit your exact requirements we can adapt the heating system to fit in with your existing components or work alongside other renewable energy systems, for example solar.

We are able to adapt our systems to meet even the most demanding of installations and pride ourselves on our analytical approach to problem solving. We also appreciate that as a business you can not afford lost time due to our installation team being on site, with this in mind we work out a schedule with you that fits around your business and minimises impact on you.